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Dyslexia was only formally recognized in New Zealand in 2007. Dyslexia is described as a significant, persistent difficulty with reading, spelling and writing skills.

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Movement & Reflexes

Reflexes are automatic motor movements or actions in response to sensory or motor input. Reflexes control everything that regulates the body even when we do not realise we are receiving sensory information, such as in breathing and heart rate. Reflexes also take care of us in painful or dangerous situations, eg: flight, fight, or freeze.

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The Ears & Learning

Even small amounts of damage to the ears can have huge effects on learning and well-being because the ear houses two main sensory systems; the auditory and the vestibular.

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Neuroscience & Listening Programmes

Neuroscience is the study of the functions of the nervous system and the brain. Neuroplasticity describes the brains amazing ability to grow new neural connections throughout life, as a result of new experiences.

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The Internal Senses

The internal senses are the Vestibular system, Proprioception and Interoception which should be integrated with each other and the external senses. Because these senses are internal they are "hidden" and we don't take much notice of them until they are not functioning at an optimal level.

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Children who write by hand learn more and remember more. Writing by hand, instead of a keyboard, uses more of the sensorimotor parts of the brain. But there is a lot of work to do before children are ready to write by hand.

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Client Stories

Our listening programmes can help with many learning & behavioural difficulties in children and teens including,

11 year old boy

17 Year Old Aucklander

Two proud parents

A very happy mum

A family of three

A very grateful working woman

Two nearly 60 year olds

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