We create personalised programmes that help calm the chaos, optimise brain and body connections to allow adults and children to lead happier, healthier lives.

Home Programme Costs

Listening programmes that are done in the clients home consist of listening for 40minutes up to 80minutes per day over 3-4 weeks. The programme length depends on individual client needs.

For young children it is strongly recommended a parent/ caregiver does the programme with the child as this is more beneficial.



1 person - $700  per  programme

1 Child and parent - $800 per programme

2 children and parent - $1000 per programme

Programme Costs in Active Listening centre

Listening programmes completed with Jan are adjusted to suit individual clients. Very young children may only need 15 minutes per day whereas a teenager may require 80 minute sessions.

Clients completing listening sessions in the centre can choose from a range of activities including Lego, card games, board games, puppets, fiddly toys, crafts, drawing or just relaxing.


1 person - $700 per programme

Additional Programme Costs

FREE 30 minute Consultations in the Active Listening Centre or Online

 Listening Tests – Under 4yrs child’s short test $120 no report

 Children’s and adults' listening tests are $175 with a written report

(Clients who complete a listening programme do not pay for further testing)

 Travel Costs

 Jan can travel to assess clients in regions outside Hawkes Bay with the following additional charges; per return trip 

$25         15- 30 minutes outside Hastings

$60          30-60 minutes outside Hastings

$120        per hour outside Hastings

               Gisborne client's costs negotiated

Tutoring and movement programmes

$70.00 per hour

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